9 июля 2010

Heating problem was solved in Pereslavl

July 9, there was hot water in Pereslavl after nearly two-month break. On May, 18th 80% of the population was deprived of water, which is supplied by heat boiler room of Pereslavl industrial park.

The real reason for stopping delivery of the heat was off its natural gas supplier, LTD Yarregiongaz by virtue of the accumulated debt, and not the state of emergency boiler, as written about in their ads, some management companies Pereslavl. Technopark boiler room all the time was and is in working condition. The total amount of debt for gas was 46.8 million rubles. A large part, namely, 32.3 million rubles, has arisen because of non-payment of debts Pereslavl Technopark energy-consuming by MUE « Energetic.» By receiving less than we do money from MUE « Energetic», Pereslavl Technopark was unable to repay the debt to his supplier of natural gas.

But the management of Technology Park, taking care of the citizens and not wasting time on trials with the debtor, has found a way out of this situation. Serious about the commitments made at the June, 16 meeting of the Extraordinary Commission for the City Administration, « Pereslavl industrial park» has taken a bank loan at a Moscow bank, for which account together with JSC « Company Slavich» repaid 20% of the debt to « Yarregiongaz», while the remaining 80% of debt repaid before the end of the month. To ensure the smooth heat during the heating season 2010-2011. « Pereslavl Technopark» gave to « Yarregiongaz» mortgage commitment at the expense of its property and official guarantees on all payments to the city for gas at their own expense.